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  • Why buy a house on Corfu?

  • There are numerous reasons to buy a home on this most beautiful of Greek islands: wonderful weather, activities all year round, fabulous beaches, safe living with virtually no crime, gentle pace of life and genuine hospitality from the locals.

    Weather. In Corfu the sun shines more than 300 days a year, the temperature almost never falls below 10
  • Is it a good investment buying a house in Corfu?

  • Corfu is one of the classic tourist resorts in Europe and will remain one for the years to come. The purchase of land and a house in Corfu is still very cheap compared to Western Europe. Furthermore, it is very easy for owners to rent their property if they wish to, or even to sell it under the right circumstances at a price higher than the purchase price.
  • Why is a Karametos house better than other developments and why should we buy a house from you?

  • Value for money

    Corfu Construction gives people the chance to become owners of luxury villas (large or small) at very reasonable and affordable prices.

    This is achieved in the following ways: A sector of our company specializes in development and through extensive local knowledge is able to buy plots in much sought-after and popular areas of the island. Once you have chosen your ideal plot, we then sit down with you in our offices to work on the plan of your ideal home.

    Buying your house in this way (plot and house package) will save you 30% - 50% on the price of a ready-built house. In addition, you will save an extra 15%-20% as our asking prices include:

    • 11% tax (on the final price)
    • 3% notary fees (minimum)
    • 1.5% lawyer fees (minimum)
    • 2% - 3% estate agent's commission (minimum)

    At Corfu Construction we are fully aware that buying a property in a foreign country can be a risky and daunting task. As a result, our aim is to protect our clients from all the difficulties they may come across when building in Greece.

    Investment opportunity

    For those who are interested in making a profitable property investment in Corfu through renting their villas please visit our link 'Investment Opportunity'.


    Corfu Construction is a small construction and development company led by Theodoros Karametos, civil engineer.

    Construction is our sole function; therefore we are able to focus 100% on the building process of our clients’ homes, allowing us to build rapidly and efficiently.

    Mr. Karametos has built up an enviable reputation as one of the island’s most respected civil engineers and with an established track record of over 50 houses, hotels and office buildings, he has won the trust of both clients and investors.

    Fast progress

    Since we employ the best craftsmen and highly-skilled labourers (who have been with Mr. Karametos for several years) we are able to finish a large villa in about ten months and smaller houses often in six, without skimping on quality and detail.

    Constantly updating you

    Throughout the process we will keep you fully updated on the progress of the construction of your house by sending you photographs and full description twice weekly via email.


    As Corfu’s leading developer, we are experts on Greek property law which means that you can rest assured that the land which you buy from us will be legally fit for building, ready for construction to start immediately and clear of any debts and / or boundary issues.

    This can save the buyer many months of bureaucracy (and sometimes heartache!) and offers total security and peace of mind in the purchase process.

    With the lack of a formal land registry, buying land in Greece can be fraught with difficulties and with so much available to choose from, buyers need to be in safe hands knowing that their interests are protected.

    Lifetime guarantee

    Under Greek law, Mr. Karametos as the civil engineer is responsible for the structural integrity of his houses during his lifetime allowing you to rest assured that the house you will buy is guaranteed to be structurally sound and totally safe.


    Our plots are in the best locations on the island, unmatched for sea views, accessibility to Corfu Town, golf, marina and excellent shopping.

    If you want total seclusion within reach of all amenities, our houses are ideally suited to your requirements, be it in our charming small development "Theo’s Village" in Poulades, Vinglatouri above Nisaki (on the prized north east coast), Kato Korakiana and other areas.

    Try before you buy

    We have three charming show houses and we are able to offer inspection visits and a "try before you buy" scheme, which is unique for the island and demonstrates the transparency of what we are offering.

    These visits and your flights are refunded in full if you go ahead with a purchase.

    If you are intending to buy off-plan you will be able to see similar houses and therefore know exactly what to expect.

    Free accommodation for buyers

    While your house is under construction, you are welcome to stay free of charge at one of our show houses in Poulades.

    So, if you have sold up at home and have a few months before your house is ready, you can stay as our guests.

    Alternatively, buyers who are not based in Corfu may have free use of a show house for three separate weeks of the year at any time when you visit to monitor progress (with the exception of July and August and subject to availability).

    Quality guaranteed

    Our company uses the best quality material on the market to construct your house.

    For further information you can visit the link 'materials' on our website.

    Of course it’s up to you to choose some of the materials such as tiles and sanitary equipment from a large selection that will be shown to you.

    Furthermore, specialists will help you design the interior and exterior (e.g. kitchen and gardens) of your house according to your requirements and taste.

    After care

    Unlike some constructors, we continue to take care of our clients - and their houses - after the sale has been completed.

    We offer a free general house maintenance service for two years after the sale, during which we undertake any minor handy-work that needs to be done and generally 'keep an eye on it' while the owner is away.

    We are always delighted to offer quotes for extra work which you may require, however small, i.e. adding a terrace, veranda, barbecue etc.


    Following the construction of your house we are able to offer you a full maintenance service such as housekeeping or garden and swimming pool maintenance.


    As a result of the success and efficiency of the service we offer, our competitors will often attempt to reduce us. This stems from their inability to compete with us and match our offers.

    However, here you have the chance to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth! We are very proud to supply testimonials confirming the quality of our work, speed of delivery, thoroughness and general praise of our inclusive and supportive relationship with clients for what is for most people a major and somewhat daunting commitment: building a house from scratch.

    Some Testimonials are published in full on our website: (of course there are many others)

    Our clients are willing to receive emails or phone calls from prospective buyers to obtain a reference and many of our clients have been referred by existing, happy clients.

    Plot search

    If you would like us to find you a plot in a particular area, we have the local contacts to find something especially for you at the best possible market price.

    Your plot, our construction

    If you already own a plot in Corfu or if you choose to buy one of the plots advertised on our website (but do not belong to us) and are looking for someone to do the study and construct the house according to your needs, we can give you a magical result.


    Mr. Karametos employs a hand-picked, small team of international professionals with whom you will be dealing directly and on a very personal basis for maximum trust, efficiency and accountability.

    We have our own architect / designer and sales director working exclusively for our company and a specialist in technology and photography.

    Our staff is Greek, English and Italian, with knowledge of the following languages: Greek, English, French, Italian, Russian and German so communication is always easy.

    Hand-designed houses

    Every house (built off plan) is hand-designed in cooperation with the owner, so no two houses are the same and you have enormous scope to create your own home.

    Having built over 70 houses and designed several more, we would be pleased to show you around and give you an idea of what is possible, which of course you can alter to your own taste.

    An excellent specification comes as standard but this can be enhanced or changed to suit your ideas and individual style.

    If it is humanly possible to incorporate some extra-special requirements which you may have (disabled access, etc), we will do our very best to include them.

    Respect for the environment

    Unlike many, we do not destroy olive trees at any time during the construction process.

    Planted over 400 years ago by the Venetians, they form an integral part of the island’s character and beauty and we believe they deserve to retain their home.

    A large number of trees have been transplanted or purchased to avoid the bland and empty terrain that other less thoughtful developers favour.

    Future sale opportunities

    If in the future you decide to sell your villa, we are able to assist you in a profitable sale through our real estate department.