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Search and purchase of land

Our company has created a network of specialists throughout the island, working hard to find the best plots at the best prices in an exclusive area in order to satisfy all the requirements of potential clients.

Our portfolios include many exclusive plots and new are added weekly.

For a variety of reasons many of those plots have not been uploaded to our website but information can be provided upon request.

All our plots have been checked by a solicitor and an engineer to protect potential clients from any possible 'traps'.

Moreover, if you plan to buy a plot that wasn't found from us, we can assist you by checking its legality and that includes the research at the land registry, the checking of all the requested documents and all the titles and the checking of the first draft of the final contract.

Our specialists will also advise you for the possibility of construction on the plot of your choice. According to past Greek Laws only a solicitor had the authority to check the validity of the titles of a property. This is no longer the case but is it company policy to consult a lawyer to ensure that all documents are as they should be. The engineer will provide advice as to whether a plot is buildable and as to what can be constructed upon it.

Although it is no longer compulsory, the solicitor signs the contract and the engineer signs the topographic included in the contract. Our office fully cooperates with solicitors and engineers (the company's owner is also an engineer) and will be by your side to guide you and advise you throughout the process.

When you decide to buy a plot in order to build in Greece, you will need to be aware of certain information.

In actual fact, a number of plots which are advertised for sale:

  • a) cannot in reality be sold

  • b) the advertised price can often seem very attractive but you need to look out for hidden charges

  • c) you will not be able to build a construction according your requirements due to a variety of obstacles

These problems are divided into two main groups:

1 - LEGAL PROBLEMS (the plots advertised cannot often in reality be sold)

On Corfu, the land can be categorized into the following types:

  • a. There is land that the seller acquired from in heritage and there is a title for this, land that also somebody has inherited but there is no title for this and she/he will make a title under certain circumstances and finally, there is land that the seller bought from a previous owner and there is a certain title for this. If you wish to buy a plot of land, first you must ask a solicitor to advise you on all legal issues and problems that exist or may come up. According to the Greek law solicitors are the only persons who are authorized to research the legality of the titles and to find out if there is a burden on the demanded plot such as mortgage or lawsuit concerning that plot. That is the main concern of a future buyer, there many other issues that a solicitor has to search. There are other issues which are not the same to all plots of lands.

  • b. Plots which belong to people without having any contracts. In this case, there are many possible dangers so you will have to be advised by a lawyer as to the process of getting these titles drafted. In some rare circumstances, it is not possible to get these ownership titles.

2 - TECHNICAL AND LEGAL PROBLEMS (the advertised price can often seem very attractive but you need to look out for hidden charges).

A civil engineer must inform you whether the plot is actually BUILDABLE, how many square metres can be built on the plot and in which position within the plot the construction can be built according to Greek law. Furthermore, the advice of an engineer is necessary for two main reasons:

  • a) in order to give you an initial estimate as to the cost of work needed prior to construction. The engineers advice is of uttermost importance concerning plots which are on a slope (however gentle or steep) because the cost of retaining walls or roads can often be very high. Another possible problem that may exist and may increase the cost of the construction is the quality of the earth, ie. if the ground is rocky or soft soil. Through our past experiences of the Corfiot real estate market-construction market, we have witnessed many people hugely exceed their budget due to such problems and many of them destroyed financially because they had not taken in account all the above in the final cost.

  • b) Greek law concerning construction is very complicated and strict and many times you will not be given the right to build at all or you will not have the right to build a construction according your requirements, such us the position of the construction in the plot, the square metres of the construction or the exterior design of the construction etc.

Finally, we realize that building a property abroad can be a daunting experience and we are here to help. This is evident from our clients' testimonials which are the best on the island!

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