Corfu Construction

Corfu construction was established in 1994 from Mr Karametos Theodoros, civil engineer TE who is the CEO of the company. The company has designed, supervised and constructed many projects and is the leader of the construction company in Corfu.

In The last decade, CorfuConstruction company has also been occupied with sales of plots.

Our site with plots:

Construction Process

Regarding the Greek law, an architect or a civil engineer who submit to the planning office the necessary designs/studies of the house at the end of the construction
sign that the construction finished according these designs/studies.
If the construction has a structure problem, the architect or civil engineer will have criminal liability and loses the certificate.

The layout of the space, both inside and outside, is based on the aesthetics of the potential client.
Moreover, when is necessary, the design has to follow the Corfiot Law in order to maintain
the traditional architectural design. This will be achieved by the help of our specialists.

The construction of the building is done with a strict timetable which is followed faithfully.
The owner in each phase of the construction is updated either live or with photographic and video material.
The delivery of the construction is always done at the agreed time or before

Choosing the plot in the area the potential clients wishes to build is the most important process. A civil enigneer from our office will be there with you to give all the necessary
technical and legal knowledge according the construction.