Since 1994 our company CorfuConstruction has specialized in designing and constructing numerous houses, ranging from picturesque holiday cottages to impressive luxury villas with swimming pools and other indoor and outdoor facilities.
Hotels and other types of tourist accommodation are projects which we have successfully accomplished.

Our premises are situated in the centre of Corfu Town and our our partners and personnel are highly qualified.
Theodoros Karametos was born on Corfu in 1967 and graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Patras in 1990.
He has gained enviable reputation for both the construction of the highest and finest quality homes and the reasonable charges.
Trust on behalf of his clients has also been earned as a result of fulfilling their wish to build the house of their dreams.
Moreover, our company provides services which includes all the necessary designs/studies of the type of building which has been opted for along with the submission and issueance of the legal permit by the local Planning Office.
Each house is uniquely designed so the prospective buyer can select the one which suits their individual requirements and specific budget.
Although there are rigorous planning laws in Corfu all our buildings are fully compliant with the regulations.

Testimonials on behalf of our committed clients who are more than willing to recommend our company, speak for themselves.

Since our main goal is to expand and improve our services, in 2015, our company developed a real estate department called Corfuplotsforsale which specializes in the sales of selected plots.
Our site, Corfuplotsforsale was created with the aim of satisfying the needs of potential buyers
from abroad who wish to invest in buying land on the island of Corfu.
This site is probably the only real estate site in the world which specializes in properties.

Our site with plots:

We are the only real estate agents specialised in plots in Corfu

Sea view and privacy are some of the key features of our plots.

We offer the best plots in Corfu, most of them exclusively, at an amazing price

Our deep and thorough knowledge of the field is guaranteed by our experience as civil engineers and constructors for over 25 years.

We cover most of the island. North, Middle or South, sandy or rocky beach, sunset or sunrise, you can enjoy it from your dream house.

We can satisfy all your requirements so you can get a great property in Corfu.

Furthermore our plots have been thoroughly checked regarding the building possibility, building area, positioning of the building, orientation or any other question that comes up.

We have a plot for you.

Just let us know of your needs!

Our fee is 2% from the buyer and our minimum fee is 2.500 Euro.