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Allowing flights to the Greek Islands for German tourists from 1 July

 Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke of the way in which Greece was able to contain the coronavirus pandemic in an interview with the German newspaper Bild. He also explained the Government’s plan to safely reopen the country to visitors from abroad.

“We are a positive example and that gives people a sense of certainty and trust in the ability of the state to respond effectively,” he said.”We intend to open tourist activities to the countries that have similar epidemiological data to those of Greece,” such as Germany, with its low pandemic dispersal rates. German tourists, he added, are welcome to Athens as of June 15 and to the islands as of July 1. Visitors will have access to basic instructions and the location of the nearest health facility via an electronic application (mobile app). We will also make sure that sufficient diagnostic tests are found at all the islands, even small islands, if someone needs to be tested while it will also be possible for a visitor to be transported to an Athens hospital, if needed.  So we are monitoring the situation carefully to ensure that health services are organised a way that will make visitors and tourists feel safe when in Greece,” he said.

These words are very important for the Greek islands, including the beautiful Corfu Island as tourists (especially Germans in this case) can have a trust on its safety. Corfu will open its flights and German tourists can come and visit our wonderful island from 1 of July with the sense of credence and security against this virus.


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