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Chalikounas Beach – one of the safest beaches in Europe for this summer ?

Two beaches of Greece on the list of 10 safest destinations in Europe for this summer.  The one is in Preveza (beach of Monolithi) and the other is in Corfu Island (Chalikounas beach).

Chalikounas beach is located on the South Western side of Corfu and it is a huge sandy beach with lake Korission near it. This lake and the area around it  is a protected natural area (called ‘natura’). It is a huge and quiet beach with no hotels near it. Umbrellas and beach chairs can be put easily in the right distance between people. According to the list EBD (European Best Destinations) it is the second safest beach in Europe against Covid-19. 

People can visit Corfu and this wondeful sandy beach of Chalikounas and enjoy the natural surrounding area combining with the clear blue waters and the golden sandy beach.

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