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New Government Law

Over the  last years the Greek government has been trying  to set some limits to the building area of plots.

The new changes of law after  10th of  December 2022, around  75% of the plots that can be built today, will not be liable to building.

Especially, for some areas in Corfu like the famous Northeast Coast, the problem is important as more than 95% of the plots there, belong to this category.

Since 9th December 2020 a new law about the building rights  for the plots outside the settlement has been issued .

The main changes about the construction of houses are the following:



1. From 10th December 2022, all the plots that are  less than 4.000 sq.m will not have the right to be built
This category contains:
i. Plots of 750 sq.m which have facade on a characterized as  main road.
ii. Plots which are between 2.000 and 4.000 sq.m that are in a distance of 500m from old settlements.

In case  that the building licenses have already been submitted before 10th December 2022, the law gives the right to complete  the structure of the building until 2026.

2. The plots that are 4.000 sq.m build 186 sq.m and not 200 sq.m as before. In addition, for each 1.000 sq.m, from 4.000 sq.m to 8.000 sq.m, 18 sq.m can be constructed  .This means that in 8.000 sq.m 258 sq.m and not 280 sq.m as before can be built

Furthermore, for each 1.000 sq.m that are added to 8.000 sq.m, 9 sq.m. can be built For example, in 10.000 sq.m  276 sq.m and not 300 as before can be built.

Although  the changing law has reduced the sq.m in building limits , it gives an advantage to the two-storeys or two-storeys with basement or a storey with basement houses.

The previous law gave the right to build 200 sq.m plus 12 sq.m for the staircase but the new one gives the right to build extra 25 sq.m for the staircase.

In each case, the construction beyond the limit of 360 sq.m plus verandas and basement is prohibited .

The exception of the above is only  in case  a plot is split  in smaller parts, each of it to be minimum 4.000 sq.m.

In this case, the plot has the building right for the smaller plots which are 4.000 sq.m each, minus 15%.

For example, a plot of 12.000 sq.m that can be split in 3 smaller pieces (4.000 sq.m each) can build 186 sq.m x 3 = 558 sq.m – 15% = 474,3 sq.m

Except for the changes of 9th December 2020, there has also been another significant change which was issued during the last period:

A. A big category of plots that have  the right to be built is the plots of 2.000 to 3.999 sq.m that have a distance of  500m from old settlements.

As for old settlements a number of them has decreased 

While some months ago there were more than 200 settlements, now are only 102 in Corfu island.


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