West Corfu
For Sale Upon request - West Corfu

Western Corfu encompasses the western part of the island from Paleokastritsa to Halikouna. Parts
of the area, including Pentati to Halikouna area, has not received any tourist development. A
prominent feature of this area is particularly the coastline, creating small beaches belonging to the
category “private” because access to them is only through specific plots, and there is no access to
adjacent areas or roads.

Moreover, some areas such as the road from Pentati to Chalikounas reminds Corfu island at the 50s and 60s because there are no hotels there and the environemtn there is untouchable.

This area also is adored by people who love the sunset.

In recent years a small revival and construction of relatively large villas in
the area has began.

This period, this area has been placed second after Northeast coast regarding the buying demand in properties.

The approximate price of plots with private beaches in the area are
100,000Euro per 1,000sq.m. However, the minimum plot size which will allow building is 4,000sq.m.
Other parts of the west of the island of Corfu include Ag. Gordis, Kondogialo, Glifada, Ermones and
Paleokastritsa which are on the contrary very well known and highly developed as a tourist
destinations with many hotels. For example, the village of Paleokastritsa (also known for its
monastery) is so built up that construction has already been prohibited. This part of western Corfu
is not preferred among foreigners to build villas, mainly due to technical problems concerning the
quality of soils, which complicate the process of construction. Of course, if any of the customer
wishes to buy a property in the area, there is always a possibility to find an acceptable alternative.

The plots that are included in Nortwest Corfu start with code 400 untill 499.

People who want big properties with incredible view in quiet areas on the beach can find them in this category such as: 400408,  410412418421424420472

For some others who want to find smaller plots with nice view and quiet area close to the beach can also find in this category such as : 402404405 , 407413425427

Moreover, for the buyers that wish to have properties in quiet areas with view can see the plots 403431432436471475 , 476480481482483486487

All of our plots we propose are selected and can offer something special for the potential buyer and satisfy their requirements and always we are looking to find the best plots for each area of Corfu.


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