Investment opportunity – 3 plots with truly incredible view
For Sale 140,000€ - North East Corfu, 100.001 - 200.000
142 2.505 Sq.m. 186 sq.m. plus basement, verandas and pool

This text is about 142, 143, 144 plots who have common borders.

The plots are located in the area of Kentroma which is on a hill near the famous beach of Agni and the 3 plots are with common borders. All of them are next to a gravel road which is after the settlement of Kendroma. All the sites that are close to this road have the best view from 180 degrees northeast of Corfu. The view concludes the Ionian sea and Albanian coast but also historical castles from Corfu town and even further, paxos island with a clear sky. The site is on a low traffic gravel road that has distance 500m from the main asphault street.For that reason you can see only few villas next to it and the prices of these plots are very reasonable. The 3 plots we mentioned above are more than 2.000 sq.m and can be built up to 186 sq.m for each of them. This is a rare situation and interesting opportunity. The price of the 3 are 480.000 Euro. These properties have 3 different owners(one for each).If the potential buyer dont have to buy it all, he or she can take 1,2 or 3 of them. In case of buying the 3 plots, buyer can create a neighboorhood of villas. This is a unique case as nowhere in North East coast can someone find 3 pieces of land which have common borders and has the right to build. Moreover, these plots have an amazing view and have distance from the famous Agni beach 750m and from Gualiskari beach 700m while Durells house is about 720m (from the main road is a bit more far). They are almost flat and the area is not well known to many but have potential groth. The result from this is that the price at this moment is quite low.

From 10th of December 2022, all the plots that have less than 4.000 sq.m and are outside of the settlement will not have the right to build. In this category, there are plots which have facade on a special road from 750m.Also, the plots that are in a distance of 500m from old settlements. In the cases that the building licenses have already be submitted before 10th of December 2022, the law gives the right to make the structure of the building until 2026.This plot is in this category.

Additional Details

  • View: Ionian and Adriatic sea
  • Slope: Flat
  • Privacy: Quiet
  • Distance from the beach: from Agni beach 750m and from Gualiskari beach 700m
  • Utilities: Next to the plot


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