Regarding the Greek law, an architect or a civil engineer must submit to the planning office the architectural plans of the house and the statics of the house.
Also a mechanical engineer must study some other plans/designs such as for the plumbing, electricity, energy efficient of the house, passive fire protection
severage and heating and air condition.

Furthemore, some other documents which they have approved by Archeological and Forest office must be submitted to the Planning office.
In addition, we have also to submit the contracts after they have approved by registry office to the planning office.
An architect or civil engineer and a mechanical engineer sign the designs/studies which they have submitted to the planning office.
At the end of the construction, the architect or the civil engineer and the mechanical engineer have the obligation to sign special documents that
the construction is according the design studies that have been submitted to the planning office.
This practically means that they have for always the responsibility of the construction.
If something wrong happens in any moment in the future in the construction, they will have criminal liability.
This has as a result the owners that cooperate with the architect or engineer and mechanical engineer who take the responsibilty for the construction will not have
a problem as they will not risk their career.

The way our office works is:
We cooperate with an architect with whom the client have a collaboration and arrange the architectural plans of the house.
The second stage,the civil engineer, Mr Karametos which is CEO of the company, do the designs/studies of the statics of the house.
The third stage, all these designs/studies are sent to a mechanical engineer which we have a collaboration with him.
This mechanical engineer is the person that we have also a collaboration in the construction process.
Furthemore, in our office we have an assistant who is responsible to get all the documents from Archeological office, Forest office, planning office
and tries all day to push these procedures to move on and get the license of the house as soon as possible.
If someone with a lot of experience is working for the necessary documents and the process of the license, the time needed to be approved is between 45-60 days(if architectural committee not be demanded)
If not, probably the license will be approved between 4-6 months or more.

According all the above, if you cooperate with us, will have the following advantages: will be sure with no doubt that the construction will not have a problem as the civil and the mechanical engineer will not risk their career.

2.quality of the construction for the reason we use the best materials and the best specialists to construct your dreaming villa/home

3.the time that will be needed to finish the constrution from the day you buy the plot. The time for the construction of the house (not the surroudning area)is 12 months from the moment we get the license from the Planning office. In fact, the time that needed is not more than 8 months.

For example, 23th of September 2019 a couple from Belgium bought a plot in NorthEast Coast and 29th of August 2020 we gave them the keys for the house.
All this project from the plans untill the finishing of the construction happened with our clients via a very often communication via email as they were far.
Also, for the covid problem they visited Corfu only once between 6th to 13th of July.

4. protection from hidden expenses
Our principle is to protect our clients from hidden expenses.We know for many clients the money for the construction of the house is money that have been gathered by their work for a life.          This makes us undestand the worries of the potential clients and makes us more responsible in order to protect clients’ money. Many constructors that are not architects or civil engineers and they have not any responsibility for the construction, give probably lower prices than mine but they have extra charges which not mentioned from the beginning.
This has as a result to create many arguments and misunderstandings and many of them, when they get their profit, they stop the construction process.
In that way, the client will face huge problems and he/she has to spend more money and time for finishing the work.
Our company is very proud for our work 27 years that we are working because we have the happiest clients and best testimonials from the other competitors
as we have never abandoned or left a client of ours with unfinished work.

Our testimonials from previous clients approved our success in projects:
We want to be very honest and clear with our clients.

Moreover, the clients don’t waste their time travelling again and again here in Corfu and they will not be anxious for their construction.
The most important is as a civil engineer having the biggest responsibility, I must follow everything by book.